Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Soccer Game

Today was Connor's first Soccer game after his first week of practice.

First off I was so proud of Steve he doesn't have to be to work until 3pm, but works til after midnight tonight, yet he got up and went to Connor's game at 8:40am and he was really great to cheer with not grumpy at all.

Second we are new to the Soccer thing, this is Connor's first year and we got all his gear and thought he looked so cute, no one told us that the shin guards go under the socks, were they (the coach, the seasoned parents) chuckling amongst themselves at the newbies or did they feel too sorry for us to say, "hey shin guards under the socks". The game started shortly after the referee fixed Connor's shin guards..thanks!

Third, it was a great morning and a lot of fun watch the boys and girls run after a little round ball. The coach is awesome, the kids have a lot of fun with him, he gives a lot of positive comments to all the kids and it was an all around great first game.

I asked Connor how he felt about his first game as we left for the field this AM, he said, "I am excited and nervous, I am just very emotional" After the game he said, "I don't think we won." "Do you like my snack I picked out?"

So there you have it we love Soccer.

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