Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is where we planted ourselves for the Memorial Day Weekend! The Muskogee Renaissance Fair. 40 acres of Jousting, Knights, Jugglers, Acrobats, Armour, Pirates, Gypsy's, Elf's, Shakespearean Actors, and Musicians. The actors throughout the Castle were amazing and spoke with their best Elizabethan accents, the costumes were great and some were really elaborate. The second picture was one of the groups that sang at the exit to the castle at the end of the evening.

These are the Knights from the Jousting reenactment, very cool and they signed Connor's shield that he sweet talked us into buying along with the sword to go with it of course.

Connor took right to the life of swords, bow & arrows, and royalty. It was cute how all the little boys with swords would spar when they got the chance, this little boy and Connor ended up chasing each other around for 15min. having a blast and laughing, while uh trying to stab each other with wooden swords..ah boys!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the performers and the people in costumes but I didn't always know who was an "actor" and who might think it was creepy that I was snapping their picture.
My favorite was the husband and wife acrobats who also ate fire, now that is love letting your wife feed you a burning blob of fire! We met the wife's (the cute girl acrobat) OBGYN or Optometrist (I am not sure which she said she was I think OBGYN I don't like asking people to repeat themselves unless truly necessary) at our B & B, weird huh, she said that she performed throughout her pregnancy, wish I could have seen that. They did have the baby with them in this way cool wooden cart with her little toys and a canopy, the baby was born in December and was adorable in her costume..sorry no pics I thought that was overstepping the picture taking boundaries.

Connor really liked the the ceremony where he was "Knighted" he became "Connor the Wise" HUZZAH! The last picture is a picture of a picture but it was kind of what it looked like when we finally rolled on out of the Castle and the fair. I am sure we will be there next year.

The next post will be our cool B & B and oh yeah Okies and Okie Mash.


  1. Nice pictures. One girl has a dress made out of the same fabric as my guest room drapes!

  2. Great posting on the Renn Faire! I can't imagine how any parent can resist those cool wooden swords and shields. They are quite pricey, but I couldn't keep from thinking about how much i would have loved one as a child. After five years, my son still ranks them among his favorite toys.
    This year we bought him a new wooden sword from an online martial arts supplies store for $7! I thought I was going to get off cheap, until my wife talked me into getting the wooden sword workout video...you can't win!