Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Great American Backyard Campout June 27th

Camp with the Great American Backyard Campout

Camp with the Great American Backyard Campout

This is what we are doing on Saturday June 27th. If you want to stop by for a campfire story or s'more leave your email for our super secret location.

Remember when life was simple? You didn’t rely on TV and electronic gadgets for entertainment. Catching fireflies kept you busy for hours. And camping out in the yard with friends, just a blanket for a tent, was real fun.
Now you can re-live that fun with your kids and grandkids. Join in NWF’s fifth annual Great American Backyard Campout®—Saturday, June 27!

Last year tens of thousands of neighbors, friends, and families united across the country for s’more-making, stargazing, and nature-watching. It’s easy! Take part right in your backyard or at your favorite camping spot.

Sign up now and get outdoors again! Visit to register your site and get recipes, activities, wildlife guides, and more.
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  1. Hi! I just found ur blog and thought u might enjoy my moms blog
    My parents were foster parents (in Oklahoma) who ended up adopting my little sister...thought you might enjoy her story.