Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In It to Win It!

Lately I have developed a new hobby. I am calling it my hobby because that sounds so much better than uh lets say..obsession, or addiction. It is entering giveaways. It started out innocent enough with the previously mentioned Kupcakz coupon for FREE cupcakes from Tasha Does Tulsa. Later I won a kids book, a movie, a reading timer and a kids travel pack. And then I was hooked. Here is what have become my guidelines and reasons for entering.

1) Ok, who doesn't like FREE?

2) I only enter things I can use. There was an adorable little girls tutu giveaway that I thought would be so cute for some future girl child. But I don't have a little girl and so I didn't feel good about entering.

3) It is fun to try out new things I have never heard of before, like a heated mouse, bookmark reading timer, or brand I have been wanting to try of kids organic snacks etc.

4) Follow the rules!! Read the rules!! Read the review, it may not be something you want after all.

5) Enter as many times as possible for the said giveaway there are usually extra entries and ways to gain more chances of winning.

6) Check back or items entered on sometimes winners are emailed or sometimes they are listed on the site. Set up a Google alert for your entry name to make sure you didn't miss something.

7) Thank the giveaway host/hostess maybe they don't care but I think it takes work to have a giveaway and I would appreciate a thank you. If the items is something you really liked share the news with the company or web host.

I am pretty sure this hobby won't last that long but it is fun for now and maybe you will try too and share what you have won.

The button below is a great website with links to other blog hosted giveaways:

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