Friday, April 8, 2011

If You Give a Boy Some Cake...

Here is my secret for getting an 8 year old boy to stop and talk about his day after school. First be ready IMMEDIATELY AFTER SCHOOL when he is susceptible to your enticings. Second set your bait...THE TREAT. Here is where I suggest you use your many years of living with said boy to know his weaknesses. Mine likes anything with chocolate and whipped cream. Here is my trap...uh treat:

At first there will not be much talking...there will be this:

Then it will be followed by the sort of dazed effect of the cake:

But the purpose of the treat is to not get them talking but to get them to SLOW DOWN and be open to answering a few that he is pretty much putty in your hands...ask him a few questions about his day.

Eventually he will catch onto this technique so you have to be ready with the BIG GUNS for the really good talks. See what happens when: You Take a Boy Fishing...

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