Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graham Carol House Muskogee

While hanging in Muskogee we needed a place to relax and chill after the day at the Renaissance Fair and that was at the Graham Carol House. Steve and I want to open a B & B someday, so we like to stay at B & B's for research purposes too. The stay overall was great, wacky things that are kind of typical of B & B 's that are older houses or historical the plumbing is always interesting with not a lot of hot water and water pressure, figuring out the faucet handles stuff like that.

The Inn Keepers were unexpectedly out of town, so we were greeted by another "guest" who let us in gave us the door code and then we had the place to ourselves, while he traveled to Tulsa. During this time we explored and found a lovely cat that became Connor's new BFF. Bootsie the cat was often lured into our room to hang out and be hand fed kitty treats we had to get while there just for such enticement.

The Garden's out side were over grown and secret gardenish, We found the hot tub and after we figured out how to reset the breaker the hot tub was relaxing, it was dark when we went hot tubing so I couldn't see how to work the aromatherapy gadget or the built in stereo but the 72 jets did their thing.

The jetted tub in the room became a bubble fest and we almost lost Connor in the suds.

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  1. Wow, I wouldn't mind living there! Where is the breakfast part? That's my favorite.
    If you and Steve opened a B&B I would totally go there. Our favorite is the Morgan Samuels Inn in Canandaigua, NY.