Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So while in Muskogee we decided to try Okie's Steakhouse. How could you not with the hypnotizing huge red blinking eyed Steer staring you down and screaming STEAK. I had the Okie Mash which was chopped sirloin and veggies in a red sauce, Steve had the grilled shrimp. Maybe we are spoiled by having such great home cooked food from Steve and great food from the homes of friends (Swegle Family) but we were disappointed and thought the food was just OK.

The awesome part that I forgot to take a pic of was the desert which was a HUGE fluffy piece of Oreo cheesecake. We got the cheesecake to go and ate it after the hot tub, it was definitely best part of the meal. So if you go to Okies get the desert all they have is cheesecake in different flavors. The steak is probably really good no one was in the mood for steak in our family, but the guests in our B & B the next night said theirs was great.

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