Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Disclosure

It seems there is a lot of discussion lately about bloggers who do reviews and bloggers who are sponsored by companies and their integrity. I am not here to judge other bloggers. But since I have hosted a review by a company and have been thinking about not having a disclosure policy I thought I would just post about my review and be transparent on my blog.

I have not been paid or will I be paid to post about the company who hosted the giveaway on my blog, TerraCycle. I did not receive the item being given away. I did receive a box of samples for a post and giveaway I want to do for back to school about their school supplies made from upcycled materials. There was a Cliff bar child size backpack retail $15.00 a super cool Oreo package messenger bag also retail $15.00 a pencil pouch, some pencils and a binder. These products I am keeping and will be writing about how my son and his friends like them and what other Moms I know thought of the price and quality along with my thoughts.

So there you have it my full disclosure and transparency, if I do other reviews or giveaways I will let you know if it is something I received a sample of or if I bought it myself and just wanted to share with everyone. I really don't want to sell anyone anything, sometimes I just want to share something really cool with you and something I feel good about.

Let me know what you think about product reviews and what you would like the blogs you read to let you know about them.

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