Monday, July 27, 2009

Twitter Secrets

I have been using Twitter actively for a while now and I would like to share my wealth of Twitter knowledge with you. There are plenty of places to learn what Twitter is and how to Twitter, that is not what I am going to tell you. What I am about to write is only what experienced Twitter Tweeters know, so get ready for some golden nuggets of insight.

1. When someone follows you with a Twitter icon that is naked, I hate to judge because we all have different comfort levels but usually it is someone who just tweets about where to click to see more nakedness.

2. If the person following you has not uploaded any Twitter icon most likely they aren't that uh how should I say this, they aren't very interesting, I mean if you can't figure out how to upload a picture you usually aren't gifted with a lot of insight, just saying.

3. Most everyone who uses Twitter also uses Cloth diapers, really it's true I am surprised #clothdiapers #clothbabybuns #onlyclothformybaby aren't trending Twitter topics everyday.

4. Twitter is a good place to stalk or be stalked, really you have no idea who is reading your tweets out in the twitterverse, I have tweeted to a friend about a company, yes you @lifeway_kefir and they tweeted me regarding my tweet, it spooked the tweet out of me for a while. But you can also stalk people if you are so inclined on Twitter, people tweet all about what they are doing where they are and who they are with they even tweet what bathroom stall at what airport they are at, but only stalk people for happy reasons like wanting to deliver flowers to the right place or know where to drop of their giveaway prize OK.

5. You can "party" on Twitter, I kid you not there are all sorts of Twitter parties or you can just bring your own hashtag and throw your own party, you can join from wherever you are you can even be at a party and Twitter party too, cool huh. You can have all sorts of fun on Twitter partying and from a lot of tweets a lot of people must be partying cause they tweet like the are drunk, but you didn't hear if from me.

I have lots of other twitter gems but I don't want to overwhelm you with my expanse of Twitter insights so this is all you get for now.


  1. Your cloth diaper observation is fascinating. I think people who use cloth diapers perhaps have either the resolove of environmental superwoman or. . . way, way to much time on their hands. Since twitter is kind of something to do when you don't have anything else to do, perhaps it is the latter. It would be interesting to really study the complexities of the people who are always on twitter!

  2. Yeah, I don't understand the twitter parties. No one makes any sense. Good observations!

  3. You guys know this post was all in jest right, they are mostly just funny observations I have made on Twitter. I do not have anything against cloth diapering peeps, or peeps who tweet from their i-phone in the bathroom. I just enjoy the diversity of Twitter. Except for the XXX followers they are really annoying, mostly cause they are all women LOL, no really I no not want to see you or you friends naked male or female.

  4. I love Twitter parties because I never go to real-life parties. So lame.

    Love cloth diapers because I strive to be eco woman as Becky said. Not because they're FREAKING CUTE!!!!

    Pampers can't be this cute.