Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about up-cycling as I and friends have been collecting items for Connor's camp this week "Camp Invention" The camp asked for donations of items for the kids to use for their projects like, cardboard tubes, bottle caps, cereal boxes, newspapers, you get the idea.

So what is up-cycling, well it's like re-purposing or taking something that would be discarded and making something useful out of it. Now useful to one person is not useful to another but I think just the very workings of your brain thinking ..what can I do with useful.

So while I am pondering this thought of up-cycling I ran across this blog Filth Wizardry and especially this post Homemade Recycled Wall-E This site rocks, the things she creates with her kids are simple (well simple to follow her directions) and so creative! After giving away the collected items I mentioned above, I have started a new collection of three bins for things to up-cycle. After "Camp Invention" and checking out Filth Wizardry our family will never look at a plastic lid or a yogurt container without seeing the possibilities it holds.

This is the Wall-E, the Filth Wizardry blog owner Lindsey and her children made from the picture of things at the top of the post. Stunning to say the least..thanks for letting me use your photos and link to your blog, so I could show my friends such a great site and project.

What are you going to up-cycle? I really want to try and make this Wall-E.

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  1. WOW that is absolutely amazing how crafty garbage can b she needs an award. Made from recyclables of course